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Quality and taste. Five of my favorite restaurants

Gourmets from all over the world come to the restaurant, lost in the Istrian forests, all year round

1.Da Vittorio
Italy, Bergamo

Just an hour’s drive from the capital of Italian fashion, the bustling and wayward Milan, is another Italy, family-run, cozy and satisfying, but at the same time refined, as you will see, barely cross the borders of the family estate of the Cherea family.

Once, thanks to my friend, I ended up in Da Vittorio. And the restaurant has become my best gastronomic experience for many years. Full compliance with expectations.

In 1966, the talented chef Vittorio Cherea and his wife Bruna opened their own restaurant. Today, a large villa with a restaurant and hotel, which is part of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux association, is managed by Enrico Cherea, the eldest son of Vittorio and Bruna, with his sisters and brothers. Enormous enthusiasm and love for their work, thQuality and taste. Five of my favorite restaurants with individual handwriting and always a very warm welcome – and Da Vittorio becomes my favorite restaurant in the world.

Thanks to the excellence of the brothers chefs Enrico and Roberto Cherea, the restaurant has received many awards and international fame. The brothers work harmoniously with each other, while their signature dishes are completely unique.

I never look at the menu, I just ask Chikko (as his friends call him) to bring everything that he considers necessary to put on the table today. We have become great friends.

2. Konoba Stari Podrum
Croatia, Istria

Stari Podrum – a cozy family konoba (tavern) in the picturesque surroundings of the town of Momian on the peninsula of Istria (Croatia)

Here are very attentive to detail.
Why do gourmets from all over the world come to the restaurant, lost in the Istrian forests, all year round? The secret lies in the exceptionally high-quality and delicious food that Mira, the mother of the Zrnitz family, has been cooking for more than 45 years. She creates magic from local organic products. Her husband Drago from morning to evening working on an organic farm, which is located here, under the konob. Daughters Ingrid and Marinka work in the hall and help in the kitchen.

The main rule of the Zrnitz family is “use what has grown today – in the garden, in the forest, in the field.” Mom Mira cooks fragrant cream soups from garden vegetables, stews forest mushrooms, fries juicy steaks of Istrian beef in a fireplace on a grate, and in a pan – fish caught today in a stream near the house. And, of course, generously adds Istrian truffles to the dishes.

Stari Podrum is a story about identity, quality and taste. This is a home-cooking cuisine of high gastronomy.

3. The French Laundry
Yountville, California, USA

Surely, many have heard of Thomas Keller, who is called the “American genius,” and his French restaurant The French Laundry, opened in 1994 in California, in the heart of the Napa wine region. The restaurant owes its name to the French laundry service, which was located on this site in the last century.

Today, this modest 1900 building with the sign The French Laundry is a real Mecca for connoisseurs of haute cuisine and a local attraction.

Thomas Keller studied French cuisine in the United States, and he brought to perfection, working in restaurants in Paris. He invented his own authorial style and is recognized as one of the best culinary specialists of our time. All the ingredients used in the kitchen of The French Laundry are grown without the use of fertilizers, chemicals or hormones. The winery has 15,000 bottles. Three Michelin stars and Grand Spectrum Award.


New York, USA

One of the most elegant restaurants in New York under the leadership of Chef Daniel Bulou.

Manhattan-based Lyon Daniel Bulou is one of the great chefs. His serious international reputation did not affect his personal style and warm nature. Its basic principle: “Use the best American products, respecting French gastronomic traditions.”

Here, they are very attentive to details – such as the purity of the broth, flower petals in ice cubes in some cocktails and a basket of warm Madeleines to complete the meal as a compliment.

Neoclassical refined interior, warm light of chandeliers, attention to detail, luxurious wine list.

5. Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville
Switzerland, Chrisier

In Chrisier, near Lausanne, chef Frank Giovannini creates products of the highest quality and with respect to every ingredient.

A high level of control of products, their freshness, balance of textures, purity of tastes, continuous development, honest and tasty cuisine – all this makes a small restaurant unique to me. A restaurant for 7-8 tables is located at the hotel, and each guest, if desired, can ask for a mini-tour of the kitchen, see how the cooks work, ask their questions and take a photo as a keepsake. Gourmet cuisine and delicious wine list combined with excellent service.

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