Quality and taste. Five of my favorite restaurants
Gourmets from all over the world come to the restaurant, lost in the Istrian forests, all year round 1.Da Vittorio Italy, Bergamo Just an hour's drive from the capital of…

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The most unusual restaurants in the world
There are unusual restaurants in the world that are famous not only and not so much for their exquisite menu. How do you like, for example, a restaurant where visitors…

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5 unusual restaurants in the world
Agree, important and solemn events, romantic dinners and just gatherings with friends very often want to be moved from home to a restaurant. This creates a special atmosphere and turns…

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Taste and color: the most beautiful restaurants in the world

Leo’s Oyster Bar, San Francisco, United States

In the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, between skyscrapers and glass offices, on streets full of business hustle and bustle from everyday life, you will find the Leo’s Oyster Bar – a hello from the 1960s, a local oasis in the middle of a concrete desert. This place is incredibly delicious dinners of oysters, shellfish, shrimp and rolls of lobster. However, the restaurant is famous not only for its exquisite menu. Designer wallpapers, a shining onyx bar and rattan furniture also play a role in attracting crowds from all over the city. Leo’s secret weapon is a tiki bar where you can order a giant bowl of banana daiquiri. In this retro haven undoubtedly you want to indulge your desires, so you do not even have time to notice how one cocktail of rum and amaretto quickly turns into four.

El Portalon, Ibiza, Spain

El Portalon is located in the 600 year old Palazzo in Dalt Vila. This is the first restaurant of the American farmer Ann Sidjmonsbergen, which 13 years ago made a revolution in the world of cooking in Ibiza. This small restaurant on the side of the mountain is worth visiting at sunset when it is bathed in an unusually pink light. Choose a table on the terrace covered with vines and order a Catalan fried zucchini with honey from Sijmonsbergen farm or squid stuffed with spinach and zhobrasada.

Liza Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut was once known as Paris of the Middle East. His beauty is still there, although now not so obvious. Undoubtedly, the Bustros Palace, a magnificent townhouse of the 19th century, is the pearl of the city. On the ground floor is the restaurant Liza Beirut. Its intricate interiors respect the past without getting stuck in it. The menu is classic Lebanese and impeccably executed. Situated in the slightly stuffy Ashrafiya district, Liza Beirut is an outstanding example of the growing confidence with which the city embraces its cosmopolitan history, creating a new, with style and sense of humor.

Wanda Café Optimista, Madrid, Spain

Can a cafe cheer up the city? Parolio Design Studio believes that their latest project, Wanda, does just that. The Spanish capital was hit hard by the financial crisis, but fortunately the fun and optimism returned to the city. Nowhere is the positive feel so much stronger than in Wanda Café Optimista: the walls are painted in shades of ice cream, fluorescent tones in ikat motifs and on pillows under photos of the California summer. The West Coast experience also extends to the menu: sea bass carpaccio and lentil burgers and tofu with beet hummus. And with the onset of darkness it becomes even more fun when people come to escape from the heat with melon daiquiri.

Otium, Los Angeles, USA

Once the best thing you could eat after visiting a museum or gallery was a set of a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. But the game went up. Now art centers offer you to visit their restaurants, with the same creative menu as the exhibits. Otium, located in The Broad Museum of Modern Art, boasts similar achievements. Chef Tim Hollingsworth has a very sophisticated vegetable menu, covering everything from hamachi with nori to spinach pasta.

SHUGAA, Bangkok, Thailand

For the first time, restaurants specializing in puddings have become popular in Melbourne. Then this trend reached Bangkok, where the SHUGAA cafe appeared. Located in the Wattana area, its interior was created by the Thai Studio Party / Space / Design and became a kind of ode to sweets, with mint-green walls, candy-pink stools, bronze chandeliers and a spiral staircase made of transparent acrylic blocks. The cafe’s assortment includes honey and passion fruit tarts, dark chocolate, mint brownies, Red Velvet cake and Matcha ice cream. For drinks, try strawberry and lychee tea or chocolate milk with marshmallows.

RAW, Taipei, Taiwan

The famous chef of the island Andre Chiang, whose restaurants in Singapore and Paris always surprise new visitors, has created a new benchmark for the capital of Taiwan in the form of Raw. This restaurant resembles a gallery where the wavy wood hanging from the ceiling is as striking as the chef’s views on national food. The menu here is a series of surprises: the abundance of ingredients turns into bizarre creations, formed by the Asian roots of Chiang and the classic French school. First of all, the food here is an entertaining affair, from cutlery that comes from your own little drawer under the table to dessert: the local delicacy is pineapple cake.

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