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Michelin chief Heinz Beck arrived in Moscow

Michelin chef Heinz Beck, “Michael Schumacher of Italian Gastronomy,” visited Moscow with a master class. And promised to come again
Antonio Stramello and Heinz Beck
Michelin chef Heinz Beck, “Michael Schumacher of Italian Gastronomy,” visited Moscow with a master class. And he promised to come again.

At the request of the Italian family of De Cecco, whose old friend he is (remember the olive oil De Cecco on the shelves of Russian stores?), The eminent chef took part in culinary master classes at the PIR exhibition, an annual event for representatives of the hospitality industry in Russia. Beck performed a virtuoso performance of simple but at the same time exquisite dishes at the De Cecco booth site.

Heinz presented three dishes to the attention of Russian chefs, business representatives and all guests of the stand. Firstly, spaghetti “CacioPepe” with pecorino cheese and shrimps marinated in lime. This is a traditional Roman dish, decorated by the maestro’s signature touch: “I respect the original taste of the products and try to cook them in the simplest ways, emphasizing the natural properties, and not changing them beyond recognition.” During the cooking process, Beck told that in his restaurants he works mainly with Italian products: “Italian products are the rule in my kitchen! Because Italian products are the best! ”

Further, Russian cuisine professionals could see and record the recipe for a linguine with broccoli foam. Beck loves avant-garde serving dishes, and was one of the first to experiment with foams. Heinz always has a can of liquid nitrogen at hand.

Next, guests were expected to cook De Cecco cazarecci with mashed baked eggplant. Very unusual and fairly simple dish.

Beck was assisted by his young student, sous-chef Antonio Stramello, who happily follows in the footsteps of his teacher. “I always advise my students to look for inspiration in literally everything, in every little thing. It is necessary to “open your mind.” I draw inspiration from everything: from a good vacation and a successful shopping trip, from architecture, painting and the surrounding nature. It is only necessary to catch the necessary impulse in time and immediately fix it in a notebook or simply on a piece of paper. But be sure to write down! Indeed, every second new ideas arise in our heads, and they are so easy to miss. This is the whole secret! It may not be useful to you immediately, in a few days or even weeks, but it will be needed in a year! ”Heinz shared.

De Cecco again invited Heinz Beck to come to Moscow next season for a series of master classes by top chefs in the Russian capital.

The German Heinz Beck works in Italy. Since 2005, La Pergola, the Roman restaurant at the Cavalieri Hilton under the leadership of Beck, has always received three Michelin stars, to which other awards are added, for example, 93 points out of a hundred on the scale of the Italian travel guide Gambero Rosso, as well as the title of “Best Restaurant in Rome” from L’Espresso and Bibenda.

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