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Sergey Berezutsky became the best young chef in the world

Russian chef Sergey Berezutsky became the best young chef in 2014 in the world according to Acqua Panna & S. Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year Award

The 14th S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup competition has ended. The spectacular yacht regatta, combined with a culinary competition, gathered 41 vessels that started at the Venetian Lido and finished off the island of San Giorgio. The day of competition began for the participants of the regatta along with a visit to the famous Realto market, where at dawn the young chefs were able to personally choose and buy ingredients for their competitive dishes.

The MisterX 3, aboard Chef Karen Boscolo Meneguolo from El Gato di Chioggia, won the S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup trophy.

Inside the Cooking competition, a true race within the race brought together ten boats representing different countries: Australia, Korea, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Canada, Russia, the UAE and the USA. A young chef worked on board each, striving to win the title of best young chef in the world. Prizes in this unusual competition are distributed based on the total number of points received for the competitive dishes of the chef and the performance of the yacht itself.

The main discovery of 2014 was the Russian chef Sergei Berezutsky. He was the winner of the Acqua Panna & S. Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year 2014 Award. Sergey won the attention of the jury due to two key points: he cooked his signature dish Mackerel with watermelon, crumbly beetroot risotto and cheese and the dish he prepared during the regatta and brought for tasting on board Timoteo yacht, “Two Ways”: langoustines with smoked to birch bark with artichokes, zucchini and tomatoes.

The dish of each chef was evaluated according to four criteria: presentation, complexity of execution, taste and combination with wine and water.

“I still can’t believe that the award went to me,” comments Sergey Berezutsky. – As if a dream came true. It is a great honor and I hope that this award will help to draw even more attention to my kitchen. Cooking on a yacht was really difficult. But at the same time, it was this test that inspired me. I am glad that my efforts were appreciated by the jury. ”

Second place in the Acqua Panna & S. Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year 2014 Award went to Belgian Chef Thomas Troupin. The chef from Germany, Kirill Kinfelt (Kirill Kinfelt), became the third.

The People’s Choice Award, which was decided by guests participating in the tasting at the gala dinner on the opening day of the regatta, was also awarded to Thomas Trupan for his Egg 63 ° C dish, emulsions of brown butter with sherry and porcini mushrooms and Kolonnata bacon . “I did not expect to receive this award,” comments the chef, “I am very proud because I worked very hard to attract the attention of the world to Belgian cuisine and our local products. Take at least my Generation W. project. Of course, this recognition will help me increase my knowledge about the cuisine of our country. ”

Finally, the Critics ’Choice Award, which was launched in 2014 and decided by a jury of media representatives, went to Israeli chef Ahmad Salameh, who presented his dish of Black Garlic Cannelloni stuffed with duck.

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