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The best restaurants in the world

The best restaurants in the world
How are the best restaurants determined? After all, everyone knows that “there are no comrades for the taste and color.” It is difficult to determine the best restaurant because for someone it can be the best, but for someone it’s quite the opposite. So who all the same knows which restaurant is the best? This is known by restaurant critics, restaurant guides. Is it possible to trust their opinion? Restaurant critics are people with perfect taste and corrosive nature. They know almost everything about food, they know how to smell what dishes are made of by smell. They know how to taste to understand whether what they eat corresponds to what is written on the menu.
Restaurant guides are print publications that hire the same restaurant critics to collect information about restaurants around the world. During the year, a restaurant critic visits about 1000 restaurants, writes a report for each restaurant. Based on these reports, they select the best of the best.
5 best restaurants in the world:

1. El Celler de Can Roca (Girona, Spain). This restaurant was opened by two brothers, so the translation of the name sounds like “The Basement of the Rosso Brothers”. The restaurant has 3 stars from the most famous guide Michelin, and for eight consecutive years it has been ranked among the top ten.
True, you are unlikely to get into this restaurant, since all the tables are booked two months in advance.

2. Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark). The name is an abbreviation of the two words “northern” and “food”. In the Michelin Guide, he is rewarded with 2 stars. In 2011, this restaurant became the first in the list of the 50 best world restaurants, which amounted to 800 restaurant experts according to reviews.

3. Restaurant Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy).
It has 2 stars from the Michelin guide and 4 place among the best restaurants of 2011. A simple room with 30 tables, very simple to decorate, but what dishes. Everything was minimized here in order not to distract visitors from food. But table setting takes place with silver objects with 150 years of history.

4. Restaurant Mugaritz (San Sebastian, Spain) Strange, but Italian restaurants dominate this list. Probably due to the fact that the mild climate and thirst for pleasure give Italian cooks a huge field for creativity. The Mugaritz restaurant is located in the village, but despite this the tables there are painted forward. The main engine for excellence is chef Fernand Andry, a devotee of molecular cuisine.

5. Eleven Madison Park Restaurant (New York, USA) A magnificent view of Madison Square and an interesting attitude to the menu making are getting closer to the top of the list. The concept of “New American Cuisine” by American restaurateur Danny Mayer made the famous Eleven Madison Park restaurant famous far beyond outside of america. Visitors choose products from which dishes will be prepared, but what kind of dishes is decided by the chef himself. While everyone is apparently happy with his choice, as the restaurant takes

5th place among the best.

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