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Palm Branch Award Launched in Moscow
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Ribambel restaurant took silver at an international competition in Belgium

In Belgium, in Antwerp, the International Leaders Club Awards 2013 (“Palm Branch”) was held. For the first time, a silver palm branch went to a restaurant from Russia
Ribambell Restaurant: silver for a new concept
In Belgium, in the city of Antwerp, the International Leaders Club Awards 2013 (which is called the “Palm Branch” in Russia) was awarded. Silver took the Moscow restaurant and the Ribambel family club. For the first time in the history of the international award, a silver palm branch went to a restaurant from Russia.

In April 2013, the Ribambel restaurant received “gold” (“Golden Palm Branch”) as the best restaurant project in Russia. After that, the founders of the restaurant, Yulia Fedorishina and Oigul Musakhanova, as well as the team’s permanent leaders – chef Mikhail Kuklenko and pastry chef Marina Nosova – represented Russia at the International Leaders Club Awards 2013 in Antwerp.
The strict international jury presented the concept of a restaurant for the whole family with an open confectionery kitchen, a children’s play town, an art studio and a ballet hall.

Oygul Musakhanova told how foreign colleagues evaluated the concept of a Moscow restaurant: “It is interesting that many experienced restaurateurs came up to us after the nomination and said that they tried to do something similar, but no one succeeded, the restaurants closed . In Ribambel, we were able to find this perfect combination between a restaurant and play areas, a combination between the interests of adults and children. ”

Antwerp was first selected to host the International Leaders Club Awards 2013. The international jury selected nine participants from different countries for the finals, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Russia.

In the final, the rival to the Ribambel restaurant was the Parisian bistro restaurant Boco with Michelin chefs and the Belgian restaurant Balls & Glory, where the menu is based on meatballs or mitballs made from local products with different fillings.

According to the results of the vote, the championship was given to the Belgians, and the third place – to the French. The Russians who won the second place, for the first time in history, by a wide margin ahead of their colleagues from France, overtaking by a hundred votes, and lost only three votes to the Belgians.

Award in the restaurant business Palm branch is awarded for the best restaurant concept opened in the last year. The main criteria for participation are: the novelty and originality of the concept, the possibility of replication, quick payback. The absolute winner of the Russian Palm branch later represents Russia at the international competition International Leaders Club Awards 2013, competing with institutions in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Benelux countries.

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