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A student gave all her savings for dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant

Everyone has their own ideas about how much dinner can cost in a good restaurant. If you clarify that we are talking about one of the best institutions in the world, surely many will mentally raise the bar. Food photos from the Saison restaurant in San Francisco recently appeared online, with dinner costing $ 600 per person. An ordinary student opened up for such pleasure. When the waiters brought the order, her surprise knew no bounds …

A college student named Aussie spoke about her impressions of visiting the Michelin-starred Saison restaurant on the Imgur website. She shared photos of all the dishes that were brought to her, supplemented the visual information with names and explanations. Aussie says she went to San Francisco for work, and was unable to get past the restaurant, which is considered second in the ranking of the most expensive. Aussie says she enjoys paying a fortune for dinner alone, for which she constantly saves money.

Taking pictures of food lately has become a lot, but for Aussie this is more an exception than a rule. She does a detailed portfolio only in exceptional cases. And she doesn’t have a food blog in Intagram. “I took these photos because I spent a huge amount on this dinner and I want to share the emotions I got later with those who find my experience interesting,” says Aussie.

A girl often receives messages from strangers who are trying to convince her that such a waste of money is in vain. To this, Aussie replies that this is her own business, and that she spends her own money, so she does not feel any guilt.

A cup of herbal tea.

Aussie claims that the tea she brought was just incredibly delicious. It consisted of Douglasova fir, yarrow, chamomile, lemon balm, anise, hyssop, all brewed with hot lemon water. All tea ingredients are collected in the restaurant’s garden.


The first dish that was brought to the girl was seaweed. A dish is served on a pillow of young spinach, seasoned with caviar and ghee made from cow’s milk, which lives on the restaurant’s farm.

Turbo fish.

The next dish is turbot fish (flatfish squad), cooked according to two different recipes: sashimi and grill with light soya glaze. After – on the table appeared a dish with an exotic clam guidac. Aussie notes that this dish did not impress her, the mollusk was tasteless, and the sauce was too harsh.

Clam guidac.

The next gastronomic discovery was a sea urchin served on a slice of bread. Aussie captivated the delicate creamy taste. The hedgehog was followed by an ordinary radish, cut into slices, with butter. The taste of radish turned out to be sharp, especially considering that there were pickled pieces at the bottom of the plate. It was a good transition to a new flavor palette after the creamy accent of seafood.

The next set is pumpkin dishes. They were cooked in three different ways: fried pieces sprinkled with octopus flakes; fried over an open fire, and then stewed for eight hours in a creamy sauce; raw pumpkin puree.

The main dish was medium-roasted antelope meat along with a salad of fresh herbs.

For dessert, we served smoked ice cream with salted caramel, served with assorted candied cocoa beans, walnuts, peanuts and pine nuts. But the desserts did not end there. The ice cream was followed by a citrus cocktail, a ball of sorbet with topping of blueberries and brandy, and at the end – a Snickers bar in an edible chocolate wrapper!

Each restaurant has its own zest. At Saison, visitors are prepared to pay a lot of money for the opportunity to try the meat of antelope and exotic shellfish. But in Tokyo there is a cafe with seductive macho waiters.

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