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7 strangest restaurants in the world

You can’t even imagine why people go to a restaurant. A bite to eat – well, that goes without saying. But some of them also set records, someone overcomes fears, and someone wants to be alone. We picked up ten very strange restaurants where visitors come for sure not for food.

Dinner in the Sky, Belgium
Only a very brave people can reserve a table in the Brussels-based Dining Room in the Sky. Because you have to dine at an altitude of 50 meters – this is approximately the level of the 16th floor.

Brussels “Dining Room in the Sky”
The restaurant consists of a huge crane that will raise the platform, which will accommodate a table and 22 guests. Moreover, you can either order the entire table, or several places, in which case you will be seated next to the same extremals. You will be served by waiters and a cook – they will also rise on the platform. And if you are afraid to even slightly move away from the table, then the waiters will quickly move around, delivering dishes. For a company with you (and for a fee), a piano with a musician can be raised in the air. Everything seems to be fine, but it’s better not to drop the spoon. The total weight of the structure is 22 tons. Due to its mobility, this attraction restaurant has been visited in many countries – in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, and the USA. Strange fun, however, is popular. In 2012, such a “toy” was planned to open in Kiev. However, apparently, the crisis prevented.

Chain Alkatraz, Japan
The Japanese are generally quite strange, especially their humor. To enter this restaurant, as in the previous one, you need to be bold, though it is somewhat different.

Interior of a restaurant chain Alkatraz (Japan)
To begin with, your fingers will be rolled away at the entrance, that is, they will take fingerprints and read the rules of behavior. Then the waiter will offer you to change into a prison robe and go to jail. Drinks are served here in urinals or in vessels in the form of bloodied human heads. The names of the dishes are also impressive – “Dead Chicken”, “Intestine”, “Sausage penis.” But the main thing here is not food, but a colorful interior, completely made in a prison style.

Chacaltaya ski resort Cordillera, Bolivia
People come here for records. If you drank coffee in the Chacaltaya ski resort Cordillera, then you have already conquered most of the mountains in the world. This restaurant in the Bolivian ski resort of Chakaltai is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest, it is located at an altitude of 5340 meters above sea level and is considered the most “high-altitude” restaurant in the world. There are few visitors. The main customers of the institution are skiers who wanted to sneeze for oxygen starvation and headaches. Because of this, you are unlikely to appreciate the exquisite local cuisine. But the main thing for which it’s worth getting here is not food at all, but a bewitching view from the height of the mountains!

Chacaltaya ski resort Cordillera (Bolivia) is the highest mountain restaurant in the world.
Kuappi Iisalmi, Finland
Don’t like what other visitors would bother you with dinner? Then you are right here. This is the smallest restaurant in the world that opens just for you. By appointment, of course. The dining room area is only 3.6 square meters, there is only one table and two chairs, and the total area is eight square meters. He placed himself in an old decommissioned booth of a lineman by the railway. The institution is open only in June and July, so book a table in advance. After lunch, visitors are presented with a certificate that they were here.

Kuappi Iisalmi, the smallest restaurant in the world in Iisalmi, Finland.
Hilton, Maldives
We must say right away that the average bill here is from a thousand dollars, but no one has yet said that he regretted visiting. The restaurant is located at a depth of 5 meters on a coral reef and is a transparent dome made of acrylic glass. Tables are located near the glass walls, so next to visitors colorful fish, stingrays, madderfish and even sharks will swim, you can see beautiful corals. The restaurant is designed for only 14 guests, so you need to book a table in advance.

The world’s first underwater restaurant exists in the Maldives.
Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock, Australia
Delicacies under the stars can be sampled at a restaurant in Uluru Kata Tewt National Park in Australia. These lands are famous for their incredible starry sky, where you can see in detail the Milky Way and the most beautiful constellations. And to make this better visible, tables are located on the outdoor terrace, and dinner begins after sunset. Delicacies such as barramundi meat (predatory perch), kangaroo and crocodile are spread out on a huge common buffet table. In addition to a meal, everyone is invited to expand their knowledge in the field of astronomy and astrology. A specially hired astronomer is responsible for this part of the program. The approximate cost of a dinner is from $ 200 per person, and the menu includes alcoholic drinks.

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