Tourists named the best restaurants in Russia and the world
Based on user reviews, the TripAdvisor travel site ranked the best gourmet establishments in Russia and the world. This list is in many respects different from the authoritative expert rating…

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The top two best restaurants in the world include two Moscow establishments
In Singapore, the annual award ceremony for the World’s Best Restaurants, considered the Oscar of the world of gourmet dishes, took place. Traditionally, the leading gastronomic institutions are defined by…

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Dozens of tenants of the Badayevsky Brewery in the center of Moscow complain of forced eviction and early termination of contracts. Some of them, Capital Group, which is going to…

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10 best restaurants in the world

The British magazine Restaurant ranked 50 of the best restaurants in the world. And the list was led by a new winner.
The authoritative British magazine Restaurant presented a rating of the best restaurants in the world in 2016, based on a survey of chefs, restaurateurs, gourmets and restaurant critics.

The winner was the restaurant Osteria Francescana in the Italian city of Modena. Last year, the owner of this title El Celler de Can Roca dropped to second place, and the French restaurant Mirazur also entered the top 10.

Location: Aspe, Spain
Chef: Victor Arguinzonis
Cuisine: Spanish, BBQ

Restaurant Asador Etxebarri is located in the mountains – in a small town an hour’s drive from San Sebastian. It is so calm that guests can be disturbed by the sound of church bells or the moo of a calf.

Chef Victor Arguinzonis was born not far from this place and worked for many years at the factory before buying a restaurant with his father and uncle. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen, being a big fan of barbecue.
Location: Vienna, Austria
Chef: Heinz Reitbauer
Cuisine: modern Austrian

On paper, Steirereck is a traditional family-owned restaurant, but under the patronage of Heinz Reitbauer, it has become a true symbol of innovative cooking. Outside, the institution is more like a glass cube, but the interior is designed in light colors, it has a lot of wood, cement and starched white tablecloths on the tables. The chef’s culinary theater combines sophisticated technology with deep respect for local produce.
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Chef: Yoshihiro Narisawa
Cuisine: Satoyama’s innovative cuisine

In the kitchen of Yoshihiro Narisawa, his special style and the wisdom of his ancestors are combined. The restaurant opened in 2003 under the name Les Créations de Narisawa, and after eight the name became shorter – Narisawa.

The institution uses local products, and the chef directly communicates with manufacturers. Because dinner at Narisawa turns into a journey through Japanese culture. In addition, it is here that you can try the best Japanese wines, for example, Pinot Noir from Nagano and Riesling Lion from Iwate.

Location: San Sebastian, Spain
Chef: Andoni Luis Aduris
Cuisine: Spanish Techno-Emotional

This restaurant is called the source of creativity, which is hidden in a remote area of ​​the Basque Country, and Andoni Luis Aduris is considered one of the leading Spanish chefs after Ferran Adria.

The restaurant has about 20 dishes on the menu, including squid and scrambled eggs with young garlic, and a lamb thigh baked with eucalyptus. In case of good weather, you can appreciate the food in one of the gardens around the restaurant.

Location: Menton, France
Chef: Mauro Colagreco
Cuisine: Mediterranean

Restaurant Mirazur is located in a resort town near the Italian border. Therefore, on the menu you can see a combination of French cuisine and the Italian-Argentinean heritage of the chef. The institution buys vegetables and seafood on the market of the Italian port city of Ventimiglia. Here you should definitely try oysters with tapioca, pear and shallot cream.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Chef: Rene Rejepi
Cuisine: Scandinavian, Seasonal

This restaurant four times headed the rating of the 50 best restaurants, and only this year it fell several positions lower. Noma is the deposit of the modern Scandinavian gastronomic movement, which is gradually taking over the world. It all started in 2003 when Redzepi decided to resurrect Scandinavian cuisine using modern cooking techniques.

Guests can enjoy not only food, but also views of the marina outside the window. Often the chef himself takes the dishes out to the hall. Noma restaurants operate successfully in London, Tokyo and Sydney. And in 2016, Redzepi plans to close the institution and reopen it for visitors after changing the concept to a suburban farm.
Location: Lima, Peru
Chef: Virgilio Martinez
Cuisine: modern Peruvian

The Central Restaurant offers a culinary expedition to Peru. In search of the necessary ingredients, Chef Virgilio Martinez and his team are ready to go to the jungle, mountains, desert and the sea. For the first time, the institution was included in the list of the best in 2014, and for the second time in a row it takes fourth place.
Location: New York, USA
Chef: Daniel Hamm
Cuisine: modern European cuisine in New York style

Co-owners of Eleven Madison Park Will Guidara and Daniel Hamm are working to blur the boundaries between the kitchen and the restaurant hall – absolute harmony reigns here. The menu has recently undergone changes. Out of 14 positions, only 7 remained, which allows the chef to concentrate more on each guest.

Guidara and Hamm have been working together for about 10 years. In the near future – the opening of the Made Nice restaurant in New York and the second NoMad hotel in Los Angeles.

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