Bread and circuses: The most unusual restaurants in the world
A restaurant in an existing prison, robotic waiters, lunch surrounded by sharks and paid rudeness - some restaurateurs know how to stand out from a number of coffee houses and…

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10 best restaurants in the world
The British magazine Restaurant ranked 50 of the best restaurants in the world. And the list was led by a new winner. The authoritative British magazine Restaurant presented a rating…

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Ribambel restaurant took silver at an international competition in Belgium
In Belgium, in Antwerp, the International Leaders Club Awards 2013 (“Palm Branch”) was held. For the first time, a silver palm branch went to a restaurant from Russia Ribambell Restaurant:…

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The best restaurants in the world according to the “Bourgeois magazine”

Each year, it is customary to take stock. Various ratings are compiled, prizes are awarded, the best projects are marked. The restaurant columnist of the Bourgeois Journal compiled its own rating of the best restaurants in the world.

Number 1 Turandot (Moscow). The latest project by Andrei Dellos leads the top ten abnormal catering enterprises not by chance – this is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated restaurants on the planet. To recreate the era of the Regency at the beginning of the XXI century in Moscow (a city where there are almost no historical authentic interiors) is a rather unusual decision in itself. Given that chinoiserie in Russia was not even considered a noble, but an imperial palace style, one can imagine how much work and money it took to translate it into a restaurant. The result is amazing. It’s impossible to tear yourself away from the details. Paper and fabric wallpapers with fancy monkeys and background ornamental paintings made by modern decorators, bronze gilded lining with whimsical curls, antique mirrors, pilasters and furniture are adjacent to exquisite antique finds: Chinese porcelain, mantel clocks, candelabra, chandeliers.

No. 2 El Bulli (Roses, Spain). The most inaccessible restaurant in the world. Three stars Michelin, first place in the ratings of the best restaurants in the world The Restaurant Magazine and Le Figaro. At El Bulli you can taste the most technologically advanced and extravagant dishes on the planet. Having a rest after a three-hour tasting set, you should swim in the sea and lie on the beach.

No. 3 Le Grand Vefour (Paris). One of the oldest restaurants in the world. It was founded in 1784. Almost all the famous natives of France visited here. Restaurateur, restorer and expert in decorative art, Andrei Dellos calls Le Grand Vefour the most beautiful restaurant in Europe. Everything is genuine here – furniture, wall paintings, luxurious stained-glass windows in the style of French Empire. The cost of many interior items is so great that they are always under glass. Thanks to chef Guy Martin, the restaurant has been awarded three Michelin stars over the past six years (as practice shows, a combination of unique interior and excellent cuisine is rather the exception for historical restaurants in Europe).

No. 4 Dans Le Noir? (Paris, London, Moscow). This concept contradicts the usual way of eating and, at the same time, is paradoxically simple – the meal takes place in pitch darkness. In an unusual environment, taste buds are aggravated, which makes it possible to feel the taste of dishes and wines in a new way. Founder of Dans Le Noir? – My friend Eduard de Broglie – has achieved phenomenal success with Parisian and London gourmets. In November, “In the dark?” Opened in Moscow.

No. 5 Kuappi (Iisalmi, Finland). The smallest restaurant in the world. Kuappi (the cabinet is translated from Finnish) is the best place for a secluded meal: it has only two seats.

No. 6 Tum Nuk Thai (Bangkok). The largest restaurant in the world. The area of ​​Tum Nuk Thai is 3.34 hectares (more than four football fields). The restaurant has a capacity of five thousand visitors and 1,200 waiters; the menu has about 1,000 dishes. To increase the speed of service, the Royal Dragon waiters (literally translated from Thai) move on roller skates.

No. 7 Allalin (Saas-Fee, Switzerland). The world’s tallest revolving restaurant. Located in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level, Allalin completes a full revolution in one hour.

No. 8 Dinner In The Sky (Belgium). For several years now, the Fun Group company has been organizing outdoor dinners at a table raised by a crane to a height of 50 meters. Together with the four-point seat belts fixed on the seats by customers, celestial gastronomic tours are also made by staff. Fearless waiters and sommeliers are led by an entertainer, standing right in the center of the table.

No. 9 Butlers in the Buff (Great Britain). The costume of the waiters of this fashionable English catering company consists of a collar, bow tie, cuffs and an apron. Butlers in the Buff, led by former naval officer Jason Didcott, has nothing to do with sex services. Athletically laid-out naked waiters are wildly successful for organizing bachelorette parties and corporate parties.

No. 10 Red Sea Stars (Eliat, Israel). The world’s first underwater restaurant. Opened by Aqua Creations design studio in 1993. Outside the windows of Red Sea Stars are the wonders of the underwater world. In the hall there are lamps, furniture on marine themes. The menu, as you would expect, fresh seafood.

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