The top two best restaurants in the world include two Moscow establishments
In Singapore, the annual award ceremony for the World’s Best Restaurants, considered the Oscar of the world of gourmet dishes, took place. Traditionally, the leading gastronomic institutions are defined by…

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The legendary restaurant "Yar"
The French tavern "Yar", and later the legendary Russian restaurant, was a cult place of the Moscow bohemia of the 19th and early 20th centuries. In terms of luxury, high…

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TOP 4 most shocking restaurants in the world
Original food is offered in different countries of the world. Marketers and restaurateurs are ready to do anything to increase the clientele. Moreover, some owners want to gain worldwide popularity…

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5 unusual restaurants in the world

Agree, important and solemn events, romantic dinners and just gatherings with friends very often want to be moved from home to a restaurant. This creates a special atmosphere and turns an ordinary lunch or dinner into an entire event.

It is important not only what and how we eat, but also where we do it. However, there are also such establishments, being in which it is no longer important what you eat. The surroundings of the place and its design come to the fore. Design and architectural solutions, furnishings, location of the institution – this is what attracts visitors to restaurants, which will be discussed below. Of course, delicious food and friendly service act as a welcome addition.

1. Ithaa Restaurant

Ithaa Restaurant (Itha) is owned by Conrad Maldives RangaliIsland. Translated from the local language, the name of the restaurant means “pearl shell.” The unique establishment is located under water at a depth of 5 meters, but this is not its only advantage. The curved roof of the restaurant made of transparent acrylic offers a panoramic view at an angle of 270 degrees, offering to admire the sea beauties and inhabitants for an unhurried meal.

Inside the restaurant is a small space of 5 by 9 meters and can accommodate only 14 people. The menu offers modern European cuisine with Asian elements. Tourists are forced to reserve a table at least 2 weeks before the proposed visit. The average bill per person ranges from 120 to 250 dollars. Restaurant “Itha” was repeatedly nominated for the title of the most beautiful and original institution in the world and became a laureate.

2. Dinner in the Sky

In order to dine in the sky, it is not necessary to board the plane. Dinner in the Sky, a Belgian restaurant, offers the opportunity to turn an ordinary meal into a breathtaking adventure. Eating takes place on a special platform, which the crane raises to a height of 50 meters. The oval table is designed for 22 people. In the middle of the table there is free space where there is a cook, a waiter, a security officer and an artist. Not enough live music for complete happiness? By special order, another platform with an orchestra will be raised next to the venue.

All those present on the platform are fastened with special belts, guaranteeing complete safety. The only inconvenience is the lack of a toilet. By the way, now Dinner in the Sky has turned from a Belgian unusual restaurant into an idea. Many restaurants in 45 countries have already licensed such dinners. Rent such an institution is 20 thousand dollars a day.

3. Ice Lounge

In Dubai, residents and tourists can escape from the heat in an ice cafe. It fully justifies its name. In the institution everything is made of ice: tables, chairs, a bar, partitions, chandeliers, curtains and even some dishes. Decor elements, sculptures and picture frames are also completely icy. Glitter and flickering of ice create an indescribable atmosphere and a fabulous setting. The entire interior is illuminated with multi-colored lamps that do not emit heat and effectively emphasize the flickering of ice.

Waiters pour drinks in down jackets and gloves. By the way, visitors are also very warmly dressed, because in the room the temperature is constantly kept at -5 degrees. Especially popular cafe in the summer. Such a contrast of temperatures allows you to feel in a different dimension and cool off, because on the street in the summer the temperature rarely drops below 40 degrees. The average duration of a visit is 35-40 minutes, since even in warm clothes it gets cold after some time.

4. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant
New Zealand

The facility is located in Auckland. The architects working on the project prepared a unique response to skyscrapers and high-rise towers and built a unique restaurant, which is located at a 12-meter height. It is a wooden tree house, which is located directly on the trunk and almost “wraps around” the old sequoia. The total area of ​​the dining room is 9 meters wide and 12 meters high.

The rounded design in the shape of a nest is made in such a way that in the afternoon pleasant sunlight penetrates into the room, and in the evening – fresh air and the sounds of the evening forest. In the evening, the restaurant looks as impressive as possible due to additional illumination. There are only 18 dining places. They have to be booked in advance, as the place is extremely popular.

5. Villa Escudero Restaurant

In the Philippines, not far from the city of San Pablo, Villa Escudero Resort was opened, whose restaurant is located right at the foot of the waterfall. It is called a “ennobled civilization”, as the waterfall was shaped, imprisoned in concrete so that visitors feel as comfortable as possible and are not afraid to step on something sharp or get hurt.

The main feature of the institution is that visitors do not look at the waterfall from the side, but directly from under it. The tables are located right in the middle of the water.

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