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The best coffee in Rome

Coffee for Italians is a special national drink. During the day, the inhabitants of Rome usually drink more than one cup, so you can try well-prepared invigorating espresso or delicate cappuccino in the Italian capital at almost every step. However, there are special places where the Romans themselves regularly go with pleasure. Together with the tourist meta-search momondo, we tell you which coffee houses are worth adding to your route through the ancient city.

Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe
Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 82

Strong and dense espresso, one of the best in Rome, according to local stories, you can try it here. The institution has been operating since 1938 and is famous for its own secret mixture of fragrant grains. Moreover, not just ready varieties are mixed here, but raw coffee is bought from different countries and roasted in its own ovens melted by logs. A cafe is located in the very center of the city – not far from the Basilica di Sant’Eustachio church, the roof of which is decorated with the head of a deer with a cross between the branching horns.

In addition to viscous espresso, the cafe also praises cappuccino and the “grand cafe” – a sweet coffee drink with an air cap of foam, the recipe for which is strictly guarded by the employees of the institution (even coffee machines have special partitions). Here you can also order a delicious dessert or buy home specialty coffee in a bag with a deer head and chocolate covered grains, which will be an excellent souvenir for loved ones.

The institution works every day from 8:30, except August 15 and December 25. Just keep in mind that Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe is very popular, so you should prepare for the queues and not the lowest prices.

Cafè et Caffè
Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 50

A few meters from the famous Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe there is a not so famous, but no less remarkable institution with a more affordable menu. A very small cafe, where there are practically no tourists, is managed by the Neapolitans – professionals in the coffee business. It is worth tasting a velvety cappuccino, a refreshing glass, as well as freshly baked croissants and pastries according to Neapolitan recipes. If you are ready to sacrifice breakfast at the hotel or immediately decide to refuse it, Cafè et Caffè will be a great place for a morning recharge before going sightseeing, especially since it offers a beautiful view of the square and an unusual church.

Gran caffe la caffettiera
Piazza di Pietra, 65

Gran Caffe La Caffettiera, located near the Spanish Steps in the historic center of Rome, also follows the traditions of Naples. Here, special Neapolitan coffee makers created for slow filtering of coffee are used to make an invigorating drink. Another feature of the institution is the large paper cones that are worn on the tips of coffee pots in order to preserve the aroma as much as possible. In addition, it has a large selection of various sweets. In addition, you can have lunch or dinner in the coffee shop – in the evenings large groups of local residents often come here to eat.

Antico Caffe dell’Isola
Via di Ponte Quattro Capi, 18/17

If you want to take a break from the rush of Rome and the tourist crowds, you can go to Tiberina, a small boat-shaped island located on the Tiber River in Rome, south of the Vatican. Antico Caffe dell’Isola is the only coffee shop in this place. Here you can relax on the cozy terrace, enjoy the cool and enjoy a beautiful view of the square with a cup of aromatic coffee. Also, according to the stories of visitors, this place serves one of the best ice creams in the city.

Via Albalonga, 7; Via Cassia, 8

Pompi Cafe & Confectionery offers direct access to all the sweet tooth. After all, lovers of delicacies from all over the city flock to this place from morning to night – for the sake of the famous tiramisu. A gentle multi-layer dessert with coffee soaking and mascarpone cheese is incredibly popular among Italians. Here you can try it in both classic and exotic versions – with a banana, pistachios or strawberries. And you can drink a delicious delicacy with delicious coffee. An inconspicuous at first glance, the place is open until half past one in the morning, but even at that time you sometimes have to fight for a table.

For those who want to reduce waiting in line, the via Pompi Store is open at via della Croce 42, where tiramisu is sold only for takeaway.

Wherever you go to enjoy the famous Italian coffee, remember a little life hack: for a persistent aromatic drink it will be almost two times cheaper. This option is suitable if you are not going to sit in the institution for a long time, but just want to quickly reinforce your strength with an invigorating essence.

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