The best restaurants in the world according to the "Bourgeois magazine"
Each year, it is customary to take stock. Various ratings are compiled, prizes are awarded, the best projects are marked. The restaurant columnist of the Bourgeois Journal compiled its own…

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40 best restaurants in the world
Some establishments offer such exquisite dishes, incredible views and an amazing atmosphere that many people are ready to go even to the ends of the world to try it all.…

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Bread and circuses: The most unusual restaurants in the world
A restaurant in an existing prison, robotic waiters, lunch surrounded by sharks and paid rudeness - some restaurateurs know how to stand out from a number of coffee houses and…

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Unusual ideas for catering

1. The facial recognition system of coffee shop visitors
Experienced barista perfectly remember their regular customers and their favorite orders, but with the NoafFace device this skill can be automated. The face recognition system began to operate in one of the Sydney coffee houses. Thanks to her, the barista, for example, can immediately offer the client his favorite big latte with an individual amount of sugar. Most of the customers note that they like this service, because a visit to a coffee shop becomes more “warm” and pleasant for them.

2. Order fast food from a car using the face-to-face system
In one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the southern US states, called Chick-fil-A, they decided to expedite customer service during peak hours. The institution realized that no modern technology can match the speed of living people, so the standard drive thru service (order from the car) was supplemented by the Face-to-Face Ordering service, which can be translated as “face-to-face order”. Near the customers’ machines, several employees of the institution work. They quickly take orders from drivers and passengers using work tablets. At the same time, they do not need to run to the restaurant and back, since the order is immediately sent to the kitchen in electronic form.

3. The barista robot
From now on, Henn na Cafe Tokyo coffee shop is preparing a hot barista. In 2-4 minutes, a robot named Sawyer will prepare you a cup of coffee, while managing to serve not only for you, but also four other customers. To use the services of a barista robot, a visitor needs to go to the terminal and receive a check with a QR code. The developers have calculated that Sawyer can replace 5 cafe employees and significantly save on staff salaries.

4. Service to reduce restaurant waste
In Toronto, an environmental team has created a startup called The terus, which helps catering establishments reduce unnecessary waste and litter costs. The team analyzes the business model of a restaurant and crosses out extra costs, such as plastic straws and containers. According to general director Lucy Cullen, the company recommended one restaurant to abandon one-time candles in favor of LED ones, as a result of which the restaurant saved about $ 1800 per year. The terus says that thanks to their efforts, they have already managed to reduce the amount of waste by 61 thousand pounds (about 28 tons), and the restaurants were able to save more than 27 thousand dollars.

5. Pop-up bar-restaurant under the railway arch
Residents of Milan can now taste American cuisine in an unusual place – The Diner Pop-Up Bar and Restaurant, created under the arch of the railway. The menu here is mainly burgers, fries and other fast food, but this is not the main thing. The Rockwell Group company, which created this pop-up restaurant, decided to primarily rely on the interior, creating an optimistic, lively and funny environment. In the middle of the restaurant is a 14-meter bar serving craft beer and cocktails.

6. Esports Bars
Esports bars began to appear all over the world, but Kappa Bar network from Sweden has the largest expansion plans. The first establishments, where in addition to guest services broadcasting e-sports, were opened in 2016 in Gothenburg and Stockholm, and now the network sells franchises in Norway, Denmark and Finland. The format of e-sports bars is almost the same as that of traditional sports bars, and the main difference is the broadcasts. Bars Kappa Bar are popular and are designed for a fairly solid stream of guests. The new network establishment in Jönköping (a town for 95 thousand inhabitants) is located on 180 square meters and easily accommodates 60 guests.

7. Cryptocurrency cafe
In Singapore, near the central bank, the first cryptocurrency cafe The Ducatus Cafe was opened. All payment transactions, customers carry out without the use of cash – they are replaced by Bitcoin and Ducatus own cryptocurrency. In the cafe you can buy several organic varieties of coffee, sandwiches and even eco-cosmetics. It is proposed to pay for the order through an ATM for cryptocurrency payments.

8. Coffee shop and 2 in 1 car rental
In Japan, you can now have a cup of latte in one place, and rent a Toyota. Toyota Japan opened Drive To Go, which is also a cafe and car rental. The coffee shop is located in the city of Nagoya near the university, so the main neighboring traffic falls on young people and millennials. The company hopes that by offering students a convenient place with a relaxing interior and a delicious menu of sandwiches, salads and drinks, it will be possible to configure them to rent one of five car models for $ 10 per hour.

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